Mission & Philosophy

Grassroots India, through its quality-oriented programs, has successfully implemented a cutting-edge vocational & life skill training program called W.I.S.H. (Women's Independent Self-Help) Network which has upgraded the health, livelihood, skills, and education of hundreds of women and children in Odisha. (See Projects).

The Grassroots India Primary Objectives are:

i. To undertake charitable activities for human development by providing services for emergency relief, basic care (food, water, sanitation, shelter, medical), mental and spiritual health, and education to the underprivileged.

ii. To promote Commerce, Arts, Science, Education, Religion, Public Health, and activities of public utility which promote mutual respect among all human beings through worldwide cooperation of men & women of goodwill desiring to achieve peace, harmony and brotherhood.

iii. To support pilgrimages at the holy places, and research into the understanding of religious texts, practices and symbols.

iv. To cooperate with other companies, associations, trusts and societies having similar aims and objectives.

v, To promote education at all levels and in all streams.

Grassroots India encourages individual creativity, freedom of choice, self-sufficiency and social service. The company and its programs are non-sectarian and open to all castes and religions.