Drug & Alcohol Abuse Workshop

Grassroots India hosted a Drug & Alcohol Abuse workshop on July 16, 2015 at the Hariharananda Vocational Training Center in CDA Sector 10. Dignitaries working on addiction, rehabilitation and women's rights issues attended. This workshop is part of an on-going series of outreach and education programs related to ending domestic violence.

IMG 7508WThere has been ongoing domestic violence issues in the low income areas of Cuttack Town and growing concern in rural villages. Drug & alcohol abuse is considered a key ingredient for women's rights violations and is a continual cause for domestic violence. Grassroots India has been working with several NGOs to address this growing concern, including participation in a recent campaign which advocated for the rights of women to carry dead bodies to the cremation ground, a job usually reserved for male members who often demand alcohol and drugs for the task. Aporna Nayak acted as moderator in this workshop that was attended by Dali Das from Project Swaraj and the Child Welfare Committee, and others working towards rehabilitation efforts for the addicted persons. Women voiced their troubles, shared their stories and discussed how they can work together to help thier husbands and children.

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