Nursing Assistant Course July-September 2017

Grassroots India will offer a series of emergency medicine and home nursing courses from July - September 2017. Free residential scholarships will be given to qualified girls from rural villages so that they may begin a career as a nursing assistant.   

Hariharananda Vocational Training Center located at CDA Sector 10 in Cuttack will conduct a residential nurse assistant training July-September for young girls from rural Odisha. Free scholarships will be given which include free housing, food & training. In addition, the girls' own medical care will be evaluated and medical aid check ups will be provided for participants. Many of the students come to us suffering from various diseases common to rural Odisha. After being treated themselves, the girls will attend regular classes in emergency medicine and home nursing. There is a 2-month theory course followed by a 30-day internship at local Cuttack hospitals under a doctor's supervision. Students must achieve a 70% mark for home nursing classes and a 80% mark in emergency medical courses in order to receive a course completion card.

Hariharananada Vocational Training Center is an educational center for the internationally-recognized Emergency Care & Safety Institute. Debra Pennington, director of Grassroots India, conducted the training and is a certified instructor of emergency medicine and home nursing. The center will also offer the St. John ambulance certified course by Dr. Bikash Ku. Prasad and Dr. Ratikanta Nath. Several films, with translation, are provided by NEVCO, a US-based certified nursing curriculum. Other home nursing materials are provided by Medifecto. Debra Pennington, retired EMT and current head instructor of Emergency Care & Safety Institute, will be the head instructor and coordinator. Women's health courses, mental health, and various other healthcare workshops are offered throughout the year. For more information, please phone 0671-2309577 or 09668100520.

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