Guru Krupa Foundation Grant

Grassroots India and the WISH Network would like to offer our deepest gratiutude to the Guru Krupa Foundation for their generous $10,000 donation in August 2020. All of the donors who support Grassroots India's work in Odisha embrace similar philosophies. Please share with us the highlights from Guru Krupa Foundation's work....

Since 2007, the Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF), a private foundation based in NY, has been funding a broad range of social, educational and religious/cultural charitable causes across India and the US. The foundation’s holistic approach to charitable giving is based on the premise that equal opportunity and access must be provided to every individual; the pursuit of knowledge must never end and the acquisition of cultural knowledge must be preserved.

In the US, funding for social projects include providing education & meal support to needy children and adults; educational projects fund higher education at select schools and cultural/religious projects provide support for temples & Indian cultural programs.

In India, GKF has focused its funding mainly on one of the most disadvantaged sections of society - children. Support is primarily provided to causes that seek to address the quality of and access to education for impoverished children in rural and urban areas. Funding is also provided to orphanages, old age homes and projects that seek to empower women & the handicapped.


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