Educational Scholarships

In addition to training at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center, Grassroots India also grants full and partial scholarships to under-privileged students who want to continue their education at high schools, colleges and industrial training institutes (ITI). A strong emphasis is placed on girls continuing their academic education through +2. It is common in rural Odisha for parents to educate their sons but claim a lack of funds when it comes to educating their daughters. After qualifying the applicants, educational scholarships are available for college admission, exam fees and textbooks.


College Admission & Exam Fees,
Textbooks, Library Books

The Grassroots India staff guides students through online admission procedures and taking exams. Periodic visits are made to colleges to check on the students’ attendance and performance. At HVTC, books were added to the dormitory and computer room libraries, and newspapers were delivered daily with current events discussed at weekly House Meetings.