Hariharananda Vocational Training Center

In 2014 Hariharananda Vocational Training Center (HVTC) was licensed by the State of Odisha as a CCI (Child Care Institution) and in January 2018 was selected as the first Aftercare Services organization in Odisha for girls ages 18-21. The Odisha Aftercare Services program was initiated by the government to mainstream institutionalized children residing at state CCI’s. Both in-house and off-site training is utilized, depending on the students “wishes”. Applications to HVTC are also taken through private referrals. Student qualification is confirmed through interviews, documentation, and case studies. Classes and workshops are provided free of charge.




Emergency Medicine & Home Nursing

Hariharananda Vocational Training Center is an internationally certified Emergency Care & Safety Training Institute, offering a wide variety of first aid courses. We also offer a Personal Care Attendant course and a Home Health Aid course. Nursing internships are conducted at hospitals and nursing homes.



Computer Classes

Computer classes are very popular among the girls since there is little opportunity to learn in the villages. Classes are held 6 days a week with beginning, intermediate and advanced batches that offer individual attention. The WISH computer lab has 7 computers containing Microsoft Office Professional, Corel, Adobe Creative Suite, Pagemaker, and more.



Tailoring classes are conducted Monday -Saturday, 10am-1pm and 3-6pm. Several students graduated and returned to their villages to start their own small home businesses. The popular “WISH Shop” at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center continues its orders for many loyal customers in Cuttack. Tailoring was our first unit and has grown to be one of the most successful.



Embroidery classes were conducted Monday – Saturday, 3:30-7pm. Students produced embroidered bed sheets, pillow covers, table covers, rumals (handkerchiefs) and other items which were sold at our WISH Shop and at local, state and national exhibitions.


WISH Shop - Small Business Training

The WISH Shop at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center and the Exhibitions provide real-life experience for students to learn entrepreneurial skills. Girls learn customer service, bookkeeping, register maintenance, inventory management, marketing and sales. Items for sale include tailoring and embroidery services, embroidered bed sheets and table covers, jewelry, spices, nutritional supplements and cow products.



Daily classes are conducted in making spices and dried food products (i.e.  chhatua, beson). Our various spice offerings have multiplied considerably over the years and are now sold at schools, ashrams, exhibitions and the WISH Shop throughout the year. Girls learn to grind, package, maintain stock registers, market and sell the products.


Life Skill Training & ChoicePoint

Life skill training included the ChoicePoint Course, cooking, gardening, financial literacy (banking), house management and marketing. ChoicePoint is conducted annually and is a powerful experiential course in learning how to create the life we choose. In addition to training, assistance is given to establish birth certificates, voter ID’s, aadhar cards, school and college certificates, and access government schemes.


Art, Music, Dance & Film

Art, music, dance and film are scheduled regularly to encourage creative expression, play, and group activities. There is no television at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center so the girls create their own entertainment.


Spoken English

Students at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center are exposed to the English language through daily interaction with directors and staff, and through periodic classes and workshops. Spoken English classes were frequently on the class schedule. In 2018, a professional english teacher conducted a 3 month daily Spoken English course for the students which was enormously successful.

Woman's Rights Awareness

Women’s Health & Women’s Rights

On-going classes are held addressing various issues related to women’s health and women’s rights. Oftentimes the issues are very personal daily events in the girl’s lives and include discussion on menstrual cycles, procreation, childbirth, childcare, personal hygiene, and mental health issues. Practical information is given on various laws effecting the rights of women, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, dowry, bride burnings, and land rights.

Domestic Violence Workshops

Two workshops have been created by Grassroots India in cooperation with internationally-renowned specialists. The Domestic Violence 101 and Domestic Violence for Advocates & Counselors workshops are used for our resident trainings and outreach programs. We aim to create a network of educated and informed women in the rural villages who can identify and support victims of domestic violence.




Cooking & Food Preservation


All of the girls staying in residence cook their own meals and learn from each other as well as from staff and guest teachers. Hygiene, nutrition, meal planning, food preservation, marketing and other topics are taught throughout the year.

Drug & Alcohol Workshops


In cooperation with local drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers, and women activists against domestic violence, Grassroots India plans periodic workshops and open discussion on substance abuse issues effecting women in the village.