Medical Aid & Mental Health Counseling

During 2016-19, Grassroots India gradually increased its budget for medical aid due to the overwhelming need of so many neglected women without financial support. Whether you were a resident WISH member, an alumni, or a mother requiring OB/GYN care, Grassroots India was there to help with hospital admission, home cooked meals, transportation, and housing. Several village women came to our center because of inadequate medical facilities in their village. Often they had to borrow money for the bus fare to come to Cuttack because they did not have access to money.


Grassroots India provided medical aid for OB-GYN emergencies, skin infections, malnutrition, typhoid, giardia, thyroid, eye care, mental health issues, and a host of respiratory ailments. Funds were used for surgeries, investigative tests, prescription medicines, and doctor fees.

Dental care was also provided to several girls suffering from painful dental disease. Extractions, root canals and restorations were provided as required. Grassroots India utilizes free government services and private charitable hospitals as well as private doctors and hospitals.

Mental & spiritual health has been a Grassroots India priority from its inception. Professional mental health services are offered free of charge by trained psychologists. Director Dr. Nivedita Das Ph.D. heads this department and routinely offers her free services and coordinates with psychiatrists and counselors.


WISH students receive free medical aid as needed while in residence. Their medical records are documented in case files, communicated to family members, and organized into a monthly report so that care can be monitored efficiently by our staff.

Students also participate in the medical aid services and attend various health care classes in emergency care and
home health.