Special Events/Exhibitions/Field Trips


Annual Foundation Day & WISH Reunion

Each year the WISH girls attend the Foundation Day Reunion on February 10. Senior WISH alumni, new students and staff have an opportunity to offer encouragement and support to each other. Girls share aspects of their lives, the challenges and successes, and have an opportunity to plan together for the coming year. Achievement awards are distributed for various accomplishments. In 2016 and 2017, over 300 women’s self-help group (SHG) leaders, doctors, lawyers, students, housewives, government agencies, and social workers attended. Popular guest speakers presented topics on women empowerment. In 2018 and 2019, the event was a private workshop for all WISH girls who participated in group counseling and life planning exercises.



In Odisha, the local, state and national exhibitions are still the primary source of trade. This practice goes back a thousand years and is a time of great social excitement. By participating in various exhibitions, the girls gain self-confidence and experience in decorating stalls, packaging products, attending to customers, and logistical coordination. Grassroots India works closely with Odisha Rural Sales & Marketing (ORMAS), a government body promoting the goods of women’s SHG (Self-Help Groups).


Field Trips

Educational and recreational field trips are offered during the year to refresh the body, mind and spirit. From 2016-19, field trips included the Puri sea beach, various temples, museums, tourist attractions, inspirational lectures, and picnics. Most of the WISH girls have never been far from their native village, so field trips offer new and exciting educational experiences.