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Courses & Workshops

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Emergency Medicine & Home Nursing

Hariharananda Vocational Training Center is an internationally certified Emergency Care & Safety Training Institute, offering a wide variety of first aid courses. We also offer a Personal Care Attendant course and a Home Health Aid course. Nursing internships are conducted at hospitals and nursing homes after completion of classes.

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Computer Classes

Computer classes and workshops, in a variety of specialized subjects, are offered throughout the year. Our computer lab is a source of training, research, & creativity. Subjects include beginning and advanced classes in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Tally, Graphic Design and Akruti (local Odia language DTP).

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Tailoring was our first unit and has grown to be one of the most successful. Classes are conducted Monday – Saturday. Many students who graduate our course have established home businesses in their village. Those who want a career in the garment industry are linked with jobs in Bhubaneswar. The popular “WISH Shop” at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center continues its orders for many loyal customers in Cuttack. Student practice items of clothing are distributed to children from low-income housing areas in Cuttack through Upahar: Gifts of Love.

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W.I.S.H. Shop - Small Business

The WISH Shop at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center provides a real-life experience to establish small business skills. Tailoring orders are given by local women n the neighborhood. Students learn customer service, bookkeeping, register maintenance, inventory management, marketing and sales. Various products are produced and sold which are made by the girls during their training. The Upahar (Gifts of Love) project was initiated by the girls to offer the under-privileged women & girls some of the clothing items they have made during their practice.

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Art, Music, Dance & Film

Art, music, dance, theater and film encourage creative expression, play, and group activities. Theater skits on various social issues are written, directed and acted at the center. Semi-classical dance is often the evening entertainment and bhajans are heard daily. Art supplies are plentiful and learning through art is incorporated into curriculum. Broadband internet and a projector allow for cinema that brings life-like quality educational films that make learning fun. There is no television at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center so students create their own entertainment.

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Spoken English

Students at Hariharananda Vocational Training Center enhance their English language skills through practical daily interaction with directors and staff, as well as through organized classes and workshops.

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Creating Your Life

Creating Your Life is a three-month, self-study course (about 30-45 min per day) that helps you not only define your goals but also create strategic plans of action to achieve them. You’ll be taken on a journey that starts with small, easy to achieve goals and move to longer term, more complex goals. You will build daily habits that change how you think about your objectives, and you will build the discipline you’ll need to accomplish those things that matter most to you! During the course, your life becomes the subject matter of your own creative process.  The course has been offered in numerous countries around the word with much success. Steeped in the creative arts, students explore their own human creative process by applying the Creating Your Life principals to their lives as they go through the course curriculum. This is a highly interactive and participatory course which empowers students to create the life they choose.

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Life Skills

Life skill training is at the heart of Hariharananda Vocational Training Center's curriculum, where girls learn courses such as cooking, gardening, financial literacy (banking), house management, childcare, women's rights, women's health, and more. Classes are experiential and interactive. Guest speakers, special workshops, and field trips are offered each year. Our life skill classes build an awareness of various social issues and the community resources available. Students gain personal confidence in managing life's affairs. The students also participate in social work conducted at Grassroots India and are offered assistance to access government schemes and establish KYC documents.

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Women’s Health & Women’s Rights Workshops

On-going interactive workshops are conducted which address various issues related to women’s health and women’s rights. Subjects often include personal daily events in the girls’ lives and include discussion on menstrual cycles, procreation, childbirth, childcare, personal hygiene, and mental health issues. Practical information is given on various laws effecting the rights of women, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, dowry, bride burnings, and land rights.

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Domestic Violence Workshops

Two workshops have been created by Grassroots India in cooperation with internationally-renowned domestic violence counselors who specialize in awareness, counseling and rehabilitation. The Domestic Violence 101 and Domestic Violence for Advocates & Counselors workshops are used for our resident trainings and outreach programs. Grassroots India has built a network of educated and informed women in the rural villages who can identify and support victims of domestic violence. We have often provided shelter to victims of violence and the required emergency services for medical and legal aid.

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Drug & Alcohol Workshops

In cooperation with local drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers, and women activists against domestic violence, Grassroots India conducts periodic workshops and open discussions on substance abuse issues affecting women in the village. Grassroots India has also linked with several people and organizations who offer support for substance abuse and rehabilitation.

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Internship Programs

Our Internship Program is a work/study program offered to MA. 1st division graduates. Interns live in residence for 3 months to research and document self-chosen subjects in their field of study. Written assignments and video production build a library which can be utilized for distribution to others. Subjects include psychology, rural development, social work, and business administration. Our internship programs enhance and apply knowledge through student’s creative expression and self-development.

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Infrastructure & Capital Assets

Hariharananda Vocational Training Center is located in a newly-constructed leased building at Plot No. 5D/1427, CDA Sector 10, Cuttack, Odisha. The neighborhood is safe & secure and the property has CCTV throughout. We can accommodate 18 residents and hold workshops for 60 students. The facility has three kitchens, 6 dormitory rooms, a computer lab, classrooms, WISH Shop, offices, five bathrooms, several verandas, and a large multi-purpose garage. Staff remain in residence at all times and social workers, with access to transportation, are available 24/7/365. The training center has all needed kitchen equipment, several computers, tailoring machines, display cases, office equipment, and an ambulance.