What is Human Trafficking?

According to the UNITED NATIONS office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), Human Trafficking is the act Crime (UNODC), gathering, moving, receiving or keeping human being by threat, force, coercion, deception, for exploitative purpose. This includes the exploitation of prostitution or other forms force labor/service, slavery or practice similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organ.

Human Trafficking is originally started from African slave trade.

African Slave Trade

Human Trafficking began with the African slave trade. Since the American & European continents were involved as buyers and the different African groups were both item of trade and middlemen, it has the first known international flow of human trafficking

After the end of African slavery trade then began the (white slavery)

White slavery means: – white woman or girl is putting prostitution against her will by using force deceit or drugs. White woman or girls against her will for prostitution the African slave trade was fitting starting point for the case against white slavery.

In 1914(First World War) drew attention from the efforts against white slavery;

In 1921 there are 33 countries at a league of nation international conference signed. At this time, human trafficking only covered trafficking for purpose of sexual exploitation and prostitution. Then the United Nations after the Second World War, the member the united nation adopted the “UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF THE TRAFFIC IN PERSONS AND OF EXPLOITATION OF THE PROSTITUTION IN 1949 “

Mordent day of human trafficking slavery:

Human trafficking is also called as mordent day of slavery.

At this period of time there are at least five hundred ten trafficking flows all over the world.

In recent years forced la bourn migration has increased and trafficking for sexual has exploitation has decreased .in 2007, there are 32% people were forced labor migrants.

In 2011, trafficking in women decreased from 74% in 2004 to 49% in 2011, sadly there was an increase in trafficking of girl for 10% to 21% in 2011.

Article 23 Trafficking in human and forced labor is prohibited and punishable in accordance with law and we also know world day against trafficking in person is marked every year on July 30 it helps to educate other that trafficking in persons is a crime exploiting even women & children for tragic jobs forced labor and sex.

Causes of human trafficking

  • Lack of economic opportunities.
  • Training program
  • Poverty
  • Greed
  • Conflict
  • Lack of family support
  • Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender social orientation disability or age.


  • Foster the spread of education
  • spread awareness among parents & community
  • Strict law in place to prevent child

Prepared By – Jharana Jena