Emergency Medical Courses January 2024

Grassroots India is offering a series of emergency medicine courses in the month of January 2024.

Hariharananda Vocational Training Center, located in CDA Sector 10, Cuttack will conduct a residential emergency medicine course to post-graduate interns. Free scholarships will be given which include free housing, food & training. In addition, the girls’ own medical care will be evaluated, and medical aid check-ups will be provided for participants. Students must achieve an 80% mark in first aid and CPR in order to receive course completion cards.

Hariharananada Vocational Training Center is an educational center for the internationally-recognized Emergency Care & Safety Institute. Debra Pennington, director of Grassroots India, is a certified instructor of emergency medicine and home nursing. Several films, with translation, are provided by NEVCO, a US-based certified nursing curriculum. Other home nursing materials are provided by Medifecto. In addition women’s OB-GYN courses and mental health will be addressed. For more information, please phone +91.0671-230-9577 or +91.9668100520.